Your furnace plays a vital role in keeping your home comfortable all year round.

The furnace is probably the last thing on your mind during summer. Odds are you are enjoying the power of your air conditioning system and having a great time outdoors enjoying the heat. While your furnace is not nearly as much used during hotter months, your heating system maintenance still needs to be a priority.

We provide expert furnace repair in London and further advise you on how you can maintain your unit year-round. We break down the benefits of investing in your furnace and heating system during the summer months, and how it can save you money on your utility bills and maintenance costs over time.

Constant Home Comfort proudly is affiliated with reliable Lennox furnace manufacturers and provides expert Lennox furnace repair in London to give you the best HVAC services in Southern Ontario. We have 4 benefits of getting your furnace serviced in the summer, and why you should call us today!

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What are the ways to maintain my furnace during the summer?

Many homeowners might not know that their furnace works alongside their air conditioner in the summer months to circulate the cool air around their home. In order to have a comfortable home environment, summer furnace maintenance is essential. Here are 4 advantages of calling a furnace expert during the summer:

1) Schedule a full tune-up. It is important to have a technician perform annual heater maintenance, preferably in the summer when you’re not dependent on the system. Ensuring that your unit is in good working condition will avert any serious issues once temperatures drop and prevent you from replacing your heating unit altogether.

2) Ensuring your system does not need to be replaced. Making sure your system doesn’t have any mechanical issues can save you from investing in a new system. If there is a component that needs to be repaired or to be replaced, catching it early on is the best chance to keep repair costs down and to maintain the integrity of your unit over time. 

Tip 3) Reducing wear and tear. Only using your furnace in the colder months puts a tremendous amount of pressure when it restarts. Turning your furnace a few times during the summer can reduce the amount of work your furnace has to ‘catch up’ on if it hasn’t been turned on for months at a time.

3) Higher chances of getting a qualified technician for inspection. While we are dedicated to serving all our clients in London and across Southern Ontario, the demand for a furnace technician is much lower in the summer. Once temperatures begin to drop, qualified technicians are in high demand so save the hassle of waiting around for a qualified technician and call our HVAC experts to stay ahead of the furnace game.

4) Change your furnace filter. Furnace filters serve as an important component to energy efficiency – the older and dirtier the filter is, the harder your furnace has to work. A new and frequently changed filter will help both your furnace and AC units work to their full potential, and keep the air in your home constantly circulating.


Maintaining your furnace during the summer will save you money and increase your energy efficiency! 

One of the smartest decisions you can make to ensure your home’s energy efficiency is to maintain your furnace during the summer months. You don’t have to wait until the colder weather takes effect to ensure that your unit is working at its best. 

Contact one of our experienced technicians to set up a furnace maintenance checkup and to take advantage of our massive ongoing savings and rebates!