Greener Homes Grant Ontario For HVAC Ended

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Greener Homes Grant Ontario for HVAC Is No Longer Available but We’ve Got Amazing Deals for Exceptional Products to Help You Save Money All Year Round!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Natural Resources Minister Seamus Regan would launch the Canada Greener Homes Grants Program. The program will provide homeowners with grants worth approximately $2.6 billion for seven years to upgrade heaters, replace windows and doors and install solar panel systems. Ontario is leading the way with a vision for sustainable housing. The Greener Homes Grant has been at the forefront of the green movement. The move to eco-friendly housing is not just about environmental conservation, it can also save homeowners considerable amounts of energy. Up to $10,600 in returns! Enbridge Gas has partnered with the Government of Canada to offer rebates that are augmented. The Ontario segment of Canada Greener Homes Initiative allows residents to receive payments that range from $5,000 for a partial reimbursement of expenses for retrofitting a home or as high as $600 for the total cost of pre-and post-retrofit EnerGuide Evaluations. The Ontario segment of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative offers interest-free loans up to $40,000 with a repayment period of 10 years to help fund large home retrofitting projects. Our homes and buildings account for 18% the greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. The Canada Greener Homes Grant is designed to help Canadian homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency, create jobs in Canada for energy advisers, expand our domestic supply chains and fight climate changes. Homeowners can get up to $10,600 dollars worth of grants to make your home more energy efficient. EnerGuide provides homeowners with expert advice (worth $610) as well as an EnerGuide assessment. EnerGuide Energy advisors are being recruited to help meet the growing demand for energy advisors in Canada. Participants may receive up $5,600 as a maximum under the initiative, and up to $10,600 overall in rebates. Over the course of the initiative, homeowners will be kept informed with regular updates.

Greener Home Grants Ontario

Enbridge Gas, in collaboration with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant, has made a massive effort to promote environmentally friendly homes. This collaboration offers substantial rebates to those who make green retrofits. These retrofits cover a wide variety of home improvement projects, including state-of the-art insulation systems, efficient windows and doors as well as cutting-edge heat pumps and innovative renewable energy setups. What are the benefits of this initiative for an average Ontario resident? Firstly, through the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program, more residents will be able to enjoy the many benefits of conserving energy. Enbridge Gas current customers will be able to enjoy a rebate of up to $10,000. EnerGuide is an initial home assessment that costs up to $6,000. The program will cover this cost. The Canada Greener Homes Grant’s beauty lies in its availability across the country. However, the partnership between the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus and the Canada Greener Homes Grant in Ontario provides a seamless conduit that allows homeowners in Ontario to easily access both programs regardless of the home heating methods they use.

Greener Home Grants for Furnace

Canada Greener Homes Grant now extends funding across Canada, welcoming qualified Canadians. The HER+ Program and the Canada Greener Homes Grant have a unique partnership in Ontario that streamlines application processes. Homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of these two programs. The grant is available to homeowners regardless of their fuel type for heating. Residents of Ontario who have a gas-fired furnace may qualify for Greener Home Grants to upgrade their furnace home comfort. Your furnace will be upgraded with the Greener Homes Grants to make it more energy-efficient while maintaining your home’s comfort.

The number of eligible homes is huge: 


  • Enbridge Gas is a customer of the home with a furnace that is primarily used by its owner.
  • Landlord owned residences with tenants. Specifically, the homes heated using Enbridge Gas Natural Gas but not the primary residence.
  • Enbridge Gas is not required for the heating of homes heated with other fuels.
  • Off-grid community is a settlement that’s not connected with the North American electricity grid or the pipelined natural gas network. These communities consist of permanent or long term habitation that usually lasts five years or longer, and at least ten homes.
  • Multi-residential properties, in particular those that are low rise and have multiple uses. Owners of such properties should check if they qualify for rebates.


There are some homes and situations that are not eligible for this program.


  • Enbridge Gas does not heat rental units in which the owner isn’t the primary resident.
  • Multi-unit housing with more that three floors or an area greater than 600 m2.
  • The properties were constructed in the past six months.
  • Mixed-use structure where less that half the area is residential.
  • The maximum amount of benefits received from Home Efficiency Rebate Plus or Canada Greener Homes Grant programs. There is a $10,000 cap for homes heated by Enbridge, and a $5,000 cap for those who are not.
  • Upgrades that are carried out without the required pre-retrofit energy assessments.
  • This initiative, which is in partnership with Enbridge Gas as well as the Government of Canada, aims to make homes energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
heat pump rebates

Canada Greener Home Grant Heat Pump Rebate

By taking advantage of the Greener Home Grant, you can upgrade to a more energy-efficient HVAC, like heat pump, that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. You can reduce your utility costs and your carbon footprint by choosing heat pumps. The devices are not heat pumps, as the name implies. These clever devices use electricity to transfer heat from one area to another. These heat pumps draw their heat from either external sources (air source heat pumps or ground source heat-pumps) to bring it inside. In the summer they take the indoor heat and send it to the ground or outdoors, allowing your home to be cooled like an air conditioner.  The Greener Home Grants for Ontario can help you maintain your indoor comfort despite external weather changes. Heat pump systems can be powered exclusively by electricity or they can also include a secondary heating system that is powered by oil, gas, propane or natural gases. You can reduce the cost of switching to these energy-efficient heating systems by leveraging the Greener Home Grant.

The federal government will pay you up to $10,600 to increase your home’s energy efficiency! Greener Homes Ontario  + Enbridge Energy Rebates

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Greener Homes Grant | Are Heat Pumps Right For Your Home?

Heat pumps harness energy from their environment to heat or cool. Thermal energy flows naturally from hotter areas to cooler ones. (For example, during winter, heat leaves the building’s interior and moves outside. In summer, heat enters the building from the outside). Heat pumps use additional electricity to counter this natural flow of heat. In the heating mode, heat pumps transfer energy from a cooler place to a warm one. Heat pumps transfer thermal energy. Unlike electric baseboards and gas furnaces that convert other types of energy to thermal energy. This method can lead to a greater energy efficiency. It could also result in cost savings and reduced carbon footprint. Additional resources can provide more insight on heat pump technology. For many homes in milder climates, air source heat pump systems can provide year-round heating or cooling. The cold-climate heat pump, a newer air-source generation, was introduced in order to improve performance during the harsher Canadian winters. They are more efficient and reduce the need for auxiliary heat sources. The ground source heat pump works in any climate condition.

Greener Homes Grant Heat Pump Dealer

You can speak to a mechanical systems contractor or an energy adviser about the economics of owning and operating heat pumps in your region. The initial cost of heat pumps is higher due to the complex components in their systems. However, the energy savings that result can offset this price quickly. Utility rates may vary in different regions, which can extend the payback time. It’s best to speak with an energy adviser to find out if a heat-pump is the right choice for your situation and needs. Upgrade your space or water heaters to more energy efficient models, which will lower your utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint. Get up to $5,000.  When trying to qualify for Greener Home Grants Ontario, it can be difficult finding a heat pump dealer. It is important to choose the right dealer in order to receive quality installations, equipment at the best rates and maximize rebates. Engage with an Ontario Greener Homes Grant furnace rebate dealer who is knowledgeable about the Greener Homes Grant Ontario furnace grant process. They can help you with an easy application and provide expert guidance on energy-saving options that could earn you up to $10,000 in rebates. The guidance of an experienced dealer is invaluable for navigating through a pre retrofit energy assessment. This will ensure that you don’t upgrade too early, and therefore disqualify yourself from substantial rebates. Their advice will help you achieve maximum indoor comfort and maximize the return on your investment.


Greener Homes Grant Furnace Rebate

Homeowners across Toronto, GTA, Ontario, and Canada can currently take advantage the Greener Home Grant. By upgrading their old central furnace to a high efficiency ductless system, they will receive a federal rebate of up $10,600. Even if you don’t have a furnace, the Greener Home Grant can still provide up to $7100 for installing a heat pump system. Enbridge, Union Gas and other partners offer rebates to further increase the savings. The combined effect of these rebates and grants for HVAC systems, as well as the incentives offered by Enbridge, will help to offset the costs involved in switching from an ENERGY STAR heat pump system. Homeowners can save money while also promoting environmental sustainability through the government policy that reduces energy consumption across Canada. This is a great opportunity to save money on energy while improving the environment!

Greener Homes Grant: HVAC Options Eligible

The changes to the energy Ontario grants have eliminated some HVAC options such as Air Conditioners and Tankless Water Heaters. Furnaces and Boilers are also no longer eligible. Want to buy a new heater with your rebates. For information on eligibility, call us at 1-888-675 5907 to learn more.

Upgrade your home to make it more efficient and you will receive the following financial help:


The Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative enables homeowners to upgrade their home insulation. The heat loss is reduced, which can lead to increased energy efficiency as well as cost savings. Insulation is evaluated by comparing its resistance to heat flow using the R-value (imperial measure) and RSI (metric measurement). A higher resistance indicates that the material is transferring heat at a slower pace. These values play a crucial role in calculating the incentive and making insulation recommendations. Whether you are working on your basement or attic, it is important to make informed choices and hire an expert installer in order to achieve the best results. We will discuss insulation types and house wrap materials, including air barriers and moisture barriers, and give you some insight on how to weather strip windows and door. To perform optimally, insulation must possess certain characteristics, including heat resistance, uniform and complete coverage, durability and, in some cases, resilience to heat or moisture. The selection of insulation materials will vary depending on where they are placed within the house envelope. Factors such as space available, accessibility, and installation requirements may be taken into account. All products and equipment purchased in Canada are eligible. Online orders will only be accepted if they are placed with a distributor in Canada.


Upgrades include the attic and cathedral ceiling, exterior walls, exposed floors, basements, crawl spaces, and exposed floors. Get up to $5,000 in funding


It is important to prioritize improving your home’s draft resistance as the best retrofit for increasing energy efficiency. The airtightness target will be listed in your Renovation Upgrade Report. Airtightness can be achieved by a professional air sealing specialist.


To meet the target air-change rates, improve your home’s airtightness. Get up to $1000 in Support


Smart or programmable thermometers improve your comfort while reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint. You can set up schedules that automatically adjust temperature during energy saving periods by choosing a smart or programmed thermostat.

This must be paired up with an energy efficient retrofit under the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative.

  • Exclusions: Heat pumps that come with new thermostats cannot be combined with this measure.
  • The grant is only available if a resiliency measurement and a thermostat are combined with an energy efficiency measure.
  • All equipment purchased in Canada must be used.
  • Online purchases made via a Canadian distributor are eligible.
  • When combined with another energy efficient retrofit, a smart thermometer can increase comfort and save energy.
  • Get $50 off when you switch from a manual to a programmable, smart/adaptive thermostat.

Greener Homes Grant London Heat Options

Furnaces, boilers and other heating systems are not eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative except for those homeowners living in remote communities and northern areas. The cold climate of Canada means that space heating is responsible for 60% of all energy used in the average Canadian home. The use of more energy efficient heating equipment like heat pumps can reduce utility bills as well as your carbon footprint. The lifetime energy costs of any product are just important as the purchase price. Explore the available options for more information on energy-efficient heaters.

Climate change, and its consequences, can often have a direct impact on your home. Your home can be affected by a number of environmental changes caused by climate shifts. These include wildfires or floods. Climate change may present you with unique challenges based on your dwelling and geographical location. You may be in the process of renovating your home. If so, you should consider supplementary retrofits that will simultaneously strengthen your dwelling while protecting your family against environmental threats. The measures of resilience outlined in this article should be combined together with an energy-efficiency retrofit that is part of the Canadian Greener Homes Grant.

Protect your home and family against environmental damage (when combined together with another energy-efficient retrofit).

You can receive up to $2625.

Greener Homes Grant Ontario Rebates | Retrofit Benefits

Simply put, the Canada Greener Homes Grant comprises:

Energy Advisors are increasingly recognized in Canada. EnerGuide can help you save up to $600 on retrofits and energy efficiency if your home has been vacant at least 6 months.

Canada Greener Homes Grants provide homeowners looking to increase their energy efficiency with rebates as high as $5,000 for updating insulation, such attic, exterior wall or exposed floor, basement, foundation, crawlspaces, and crawlspaces. Air sealing will also increase efficiency by increasing home airtightness. If you meet the required air-change rate and achieve air-tightness targets, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $1000. Replacement of old windows or doors with ENERGY STAR®-certified ones can result in up to $5,000 rebates. If you upgrade or add a smart thermometer (when combined with another retrofit), it could earn you up to 50 dollars back. Energy-efficient appliances can lower utility costs and earn rebates of up to $5000.


Are you wondering why retrofitting is worth exploring? In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, energy-efficient homes can also save homeowners money over time. They will reduce their carbon emissions and provide them with financial savings. The initiative will also allocate $10 million over the next five years towards training and recruiting Energy Advisors. This is especially important in underserved communities and areas. Many homes in Ontario have old, non-energy efficient furnaces. With the Greener Home Grants residents can upgrade to more energy-efficient furnaces while saving a lot of money. Owners who want to apply must show proof of ownership, confirm the property is their primary home, and submit a retrofit application for each unit. This grant is not available for brand-new houses, or homes that are less than six month old.

Greener Homes Grant Ontario - The Goal of the Initiative

With the launch of “Canadian Greener Homes Grant Initiative”, Canada has made a major step towards sustainability. This timely program provides grants to help homeowners upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. This initiative received a huge response as soon as it was launched. The official website even experienced a massive surge in traffic that temporarily caused the site to crash! Canada’s commitment to a more sustainable future was announced by 2020 with the Canadian Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act. This groundbreaking law outlines Canada’s plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, indicating that we can take steps today to reduce our carbon footprint. There are many discussions about greenhouse gases arising from the agricultural and vehicle sectors, but it’s important to remember that our homes account for 18% the total emissions of greenhouse gasses in Canada. The Canadian Greener Homes Grant is a great example of how programs can help.

If you dig deeper, it will become clearer what this initiative is all about: It aims to increase the energy efficiency of Canadian homes while also growing Energy Advisor careers. The government has given away over 700,000 grants to allow homeowners to invest into energy-efficient upgrades. Each household can receive up to $5,000 in retrofit grants. A total of $600.00 was also set aside for evaluations before and after retrofits. Greener Home Grants has enabled many residents to have access to energy-efficient technologies at home, such as heat pumps. Some households find the upfront costs of heat pump systems too high to invest in. With Greener Home Grants rebates however, Canadians are able upgrade their homes with ease. This initiative focuses on expanding the role Energy Advisors play amongst underserved populations such as Indigenous Communities, racialized people, LGBTQ+ identifiers or those living in remote and less populated areas.