One of the most common issues that can plague an air conditioning unit is the presence of pests and animals. These things can invade your AC and interfere with its daily function of sending in consistent levels of cool air. To keep pests out from inside and outside your home, you need to ensure the AC equipment is running properly and install exceptional sealing and air filters. This will help dissuade animals and pests from interacting with your AC unit in the first place. 

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Here is some helpful information to consider when trying to block out pests and animals from interfering with your AC unit. 

Can Bugs Get In Through Your Outdoor AC Unit?

Yes, it’s very easy for bugs and pests to get in through your outdoor AC unit. If the equipment is laid bare in the open, it gives them a nice invitation to enter your home through the AC. Bugs like getting into AC units because there’s a nice water supply and it creates warmth that festers moisture at night. Moreover, bugs can also invade your home through your AC vents and small holes. 

No seal or AC filter is air-tight, but the right materials and precautions are taken should mitigate the risk of bugs entering your home. If you do have sealant or a tight filter handy, block out the tiny space between the AC and window. This is where small bugs can easily find their way into your rooms. 

Bugs and pests are always looking for food and shelter and an unsealed AC unit gives them more opportunities. The lights inside your home, food on shelves, and cool air will draw more of them in through your AC. Some common bugs that can invade your AC unit include flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, and spiders among others.  

If you want to keep bugs and pests away from your AC, here are some ways you can block them out.

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How Can I Stop Pests And Bugs From Coming Through The Unit?

There are several ways to block out pests and bugs from your AC unit, but the first step should be to seal off any potential entry points through your home. Block up AC vents, flues, windows, doors, cracks, and other openings with caulk, weather-stripping, and insulation. Doing so will not only stop bugs and pests from coming in but also improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

You can also install mesh screens or special coverings in air vents or AC flue pipes to block bugs and pests from coming in. you can purchase mesh material at any hardware store, but you can also any old windows screen lying around by cutting into properly sized proportions. You can then use the pieces as a barricade near your AC unit to block anything from coming in from the outside. Mesh screens or coverings can also help keep air flowing smoothly through your home without compromising the air quality. 

You should also reduce moisture around the AC unit, especially during a humid summer or rainy day. Condensation water puddles can build around your AC unit, increasing the risk of not only a malfunction but also attracting more critters and pests to a water source. Clear up any water around your AC unit as regularly as possible to avoid making it a safe place for animals and pests. 

Cleaning up your AC unit as much as possible will help it perform at its best during the hottest of days. 

How Can I Keep My AC Unit Clean During The Summer?

One way to keep your AC unit clean during the summer is by landscaping around its condensers and outer rims. Clear up any extra wood piles, branches, trash cans, and grass clippings near your AC, as bugs and pests are often hovering near them. By clearing away gathering places for these pests and bugs, you minimize the risk of them invading your air conditioning system and home. 

Keep a preventive maintenance schedule by making time to landscape, pull out weeds, and cut grass around your AC unit. This will not only ensure your AC works but also preserves its lifespan a little longer. If you still find small critters, animals, bugs, and pests near your AC after taking all these measures, it’s time to call in an HVAC technician. 

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