Winter is coming and that means it’s the perfect time to start insulating your attic during the fall. Attic insulation will help keep your home efficient all year long, leading to more energy and financial savings on your end while keeping your home warm as the cold temperatures creep in. You’ll want to choose an experienced attic insulation contractor in London to help you with this important job!

At Constant Home Comfort London, we have many highly qualified and affordable technicians to help insulate your attic and are an experienced attic insulation company in Waterloo servicing the local area. Find out how proper insulation will save you on your monthly energy bills and improve your air quality and continually benefit your home year-round! 


How Can Insulating My Attic Before The Winter Hits Save Me On Monthly Energy Bills?

If you have improper insulation during the winter, you risk not only freezing your home but also making your heating and cooling systems work double as hard to replace lost air – this not only raises your energy use but also the amount you have to pay each month. Around 50-70 percent of homes heavily utilize heating and cooling systems during different seasons and, if your home isn’t insulated properly, you will spend more money trying to maintain comfortable temperatures. 

How much money you can save ultimately depends on various factors such as lifestyle, home design, and the type of HVAC systems installed in your home. The long-term savings are beneficial and the average homeowner can save around $780.00 or more a year! 

Having an insulated attic can save you a good chunk of money and helps regulate your home’s temperature during all the seasons of the year. They are not only crucial in cutting down energy use, but also improving the air quality of your home. 


Will Insulating My Attic Improve My Home’s Air Quality? 

Absolutely. By insulating your attic, you’re reducing dangerous pollutants such as dust, dirt, mould, mildew from building up and running air quality around your home. If there are air leaks because of poor insulation around your attic, it can build up moisture which contributes to the growth of some of those pollutants. 

By insulating your attic, you’re mitigating the pollutants from spreading around, making it easier for everyone to breathe in an indoor environment. Additionally, it removes old germs and pollutants from past insulation from coming into your home. 

You can find there are many year-long benefits to insulating your attic in the fall, especially as winter temperatures come along. 


How Does An Insulated Attic Benefit My Home Year Long?

In addition to saving you on energy bills and HVAC use, attic insulation prevents gradual damage to your home caused by heat and moisture. Vapour from water can erode walls in your home as well as shingles on your roof. It also helps you avoid creaky plywood and swelled roofs as a result of heavy moisture and condensation. 

Insulating your attic is also key to preserving your home’s property value. New home buyers are always concerned about a home’s energy efficiency and if your house already has attic insulation, it’ll save them time, energy, and finances later on. Older homes may not have the same insulation, and so, their value may not be as high. 

Attic insulation carries many benefits for your home, including energy and financial savings. With autumn rolling around and winter just around the corner, there’s no more perfect time to get started. 

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