There are huge savings to take advantage of when you invest and install energy-efficient HVAC units in your home! 

Taking the time to seal any cracks in your home can result in more money in your wallet this summer. Enbridge is currently offering up to $5000 in gas rebates for Canadians who renovate their home to be more energy efficient. 

Constant Home Comfort offers excellent HVAC repair services in London and we’ll help you learn more about these beneficial Enbridge gas rebates and how useful they’ll be to you. We’ll go over how energy-saving HVAC units can help you save on monthly utility bills, how you can qualify for the rebates and the first steps you can take to get your savings now. 


HVAC Efficiency Leads to Savings on Utility Bills

When you improve your home’s HVAC unit’s energy efficiency, it reduces your overall energy use, leading to more immediate savings on your monthly bills. Newer HVAC units are carefully designed to complement the modern style and comfortability of your home. It provides ideal heating and cooling during the seasons while using minimal energy and electricity. 

These rebates reduce your carbon footprint reduction by providing you with up to $5000 in savings on air sealing, installing newer HVAC units, insulation, furnaces, and home energy assessments. The goal of Enbridge’s gas rebate program is to target zero net emissions by 2050, utilizing carbon neutral energy supply, developing low carbon technologies, and helping Ontario homes and businesses save on their energy use.   

There are many benefits to this program that will ultimately work in your favour, many of which include the overall lowering of your energy bills, increasing the comfort of your home, reducing mileage on your HVAC system, and improving your home’s resale value. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the environment overall. 


How to Qualify for Enbridge Rebates in Hamilton

Before you can take advantage of these wonderful savings, Enbridge will need to go through a complete home energy assessment to make sure your home qualifies for the rebates. A registered energy advisor visits and evaluates how your home uses energy, advising you with which upgrades the best work together and help you save more. They’ll point out which insulation can be retrofitted in your home to get the best return on investment.

To be eligible, you must complete and install at least TWO of their recommended upgrades to start saving. This is where you can rely on Constant Home Comfort’s experienced contractors to help you install the new HVAc units and make the recommended upgrades to your home. All our contractors are registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority and you can be reassured we’ll handle the job with care. 

After everything has been purchased and installed, the energy advisor will return for a post-assessment to give your home an energy rating. Afterwards, you just fill out and submit your rebate application to receive your money in around 8-10 weeks. 


Save Your Money Now by Sealing Cracks in Your Home

The energy advisor may also recommend sealing exposed air cracks in your home to help you save on your energy usage. It’s an easily overlooked problem in your home that helps keep warm or cold air from leaking from your home. It makes a big difference in that monthly utility bill and helps maintain comfort in your home during the seasons. 

You can back around $100-$150 in energy rebates if you take the time to seal air cracks in your home. This practice not only benefits the environment but also helps you save on your monthly energy costs. Constant Home Comfort can assist in sealing air cracks around your home and help you install new, energy-efficient HVAC units to help you save today. 


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