Allergens and pollutants are constantly flying around in your home, contributing to an overall poor indoor air quality. For homeowners and residents with allergies or breathing problems, they’ll need a well-functioning HVAC to help clear everything up and maintain the great air quality in your home. Especially during the summer, you’ll need an efficient air conditioner to not only cool you in the heat but purify your indoor air space. 

Constant Home Comfort London provides homeowners with Lennox emergency air conditioning repairs and affordable central air conditioning prices. We offer energy rebates that provide many financial benefits and savings for homeowners who switch to using more efficient appliances in their homes. We’ll help you take advantage of the lowest-priced air conditioners on the market that will not only cool you but also have a limited environmental impact. 

With a reliable HVAC company by your side, our team will be able to improve your home’s air quality and keep you comfortable all throughout the summer.

How Do You Know If You Have Poor Ventilation In Your Home?

To accurately know if you have poor ventilation in your home, have a professional contractor inspect your air ducts and vents annually, to ensure air is flowing seamlessly from them. If nothing is coming out, it could indicate a serious issue with an air filter or your HVAC system in general. 

Poor ventilation in your home could lead up to a buildup of radon and carbon monoxide. Radon is a radioactive gas produced from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. When accumulated to high levels, it poses a serious risk to your health, especially in close spaces like your home’s rooms. Much like carbon monoxide, radon can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled and can be dangerous if you’re not aware. To avoid this from happening, your contractor will install special detectors on each floor and sleeping area to ensure carbon monoxide or radon is captured and you’re alerted. 

Other signs of poor ventilation in your home are the accumulation of pollutants like mold, mildew, and chemicals. These elements can be difficult to measure correctly, but our expert contractors know what to look for in tangible results. Mold and mildew can greatly affect air quality and can lead to more serious health issues like coughing or asthma.


What Is The Fastest Way To Improve Air Quality In Your Home?

Now that you know what’s causing the issue, you can implement some of these practices to improve your home’s air quality gradually. 

It’s important that your air conditioner’s air filter is replaced around every 30-60 days. The filter collects and removes particles, dust, debris, allergens, and pollutants from gathering in your home, making sure your indoor air is clean and breathable. Naturally, the filters can get really dirty and need replacement if it’s too dirty or damaged. The indoor air in your home gets recycled throughout your air ducts and you risk significant damage to your overall HVAC system if neglected. 

Our contractors will also perform duct cleaning to ensure air can flow freely in your home, improving its quality. It’s crucial to schedule a duct cleaning around every 5-7 years, but this depends on the home, with some requiring more frequent cleanings. A contractor will check and inspect your ducts by unscrewing one of the vents and checking the inside of it. 

Most often during an HVAC unit tune-up, the contractor will clean dust or debris out by cleaning the furnace cabinet and blower fan. These are core components of any heating/cooling system and they should have as much maintenance as possible. Blower fans can collect a lot of junk in your air while in circulation year-round. If they’re not cleaned along with your duct, it can seriously affect the performance of your HVAC system. 

Other areas you should have inspected for your AC include the condenser, compressor, and evaporator coil. When cleaning the area around your HVAC unit, you should also be aware that mold and bacteria can build up there as well. 

How Can A Good HVAC Company Improve Air Quality?

An HVAC company with licensed technicians and professional contractors will have vast knowledge, resources, and practical experience to help improve your home’s air quality. More importantly, they are certified and have been expertly trained to identify, source, and resolve any issues related to your air conditioner system. 

You can be assured of high-quality customer service you receive from Constant Home Comfort London to keep your home comfortable and clean. Our technicians have the experience to identify the root cause of your poor air quality issues and provide long-lasting solutions to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort London today to have one of our contractors visit your home and inspect your HVAC system. Work with us now to get clean indoor air fast and beneficial energy rebates for your home.