Your pipes and furnace are important fixtures of your home, especially when winter arrives, bringing in ice and snow. If you live in Canada, you know that extremely frigid temperatures can damage your pipes through frost. You’ll also be relying on your furnace to deliver heat consistently, but if it’s damaged or not maintained well, it may not work as effectively. At Constant Home Comfort London, we provide boiler repair contractors in London and furnace repair in Waterloo for many homeowners.   

We’ll go over how you can keep your furnace exhaust and pipes from freezing and some of the common issues you will have to deal with and why you should book your maintenance before winter hits. 


How Do I Keep My Furnace Exhaust From Freezing?

There are two ways for you to keep your furnace exhaust from freezing during the winter. The first method is to check your furnace air filters and change them if necessary. These filters affect your home’s HVAC system and you risk a breakdown if you leave it unchecked. In the winter and summertime, you should frequently switch out filters to avoid extensive damage. Doing so ensures optimal airflow throughout your home and prevents your furnace exhaust from freezing or breaking down when you need it the most. 

Another way of prevention is by having a professional contractor check and perform maintenance on your furnace exhaust and air ducts annually. With this, you can get your furnace to last for around 12-15 years and you won’t have to deal with breakdowns as frequently. A professional will know what to look for and take the appropriate steps to prevent your furnace exhaust from freezing over. 

Furnaces aren’t the only things that can freeze in your home. Let’s now go over the issues regarding frozen pipes during the winter. 


What Are The Most Common Issues That Lead To Your Home’s Pipes Freezing?

Frozen pipes are a common issue homeowners have to deal with during the winter as they’re caused when water forms within the pipes and doesn’t circulate properly throughout the house. Water molecules expand when they freeze up, creating pressure within the pipes and causing them to burst. 

If you’re away from your home for more than a day, try keeping your faucets trickling and dripping every so often. When you run the water on low levels during the coldest days, you can keep your water activities and prevent freezing. You can also seal your pipes with heat tape to protect them from frigid temperatures, condensation, and air leaks.

Above all, you should monitor the temperature of your home to make sure your pipes don’t drop below freezing levels. If possible, direct warm air to colder areas of your home to help keep your pipes warm. This is especially important as you prepare to schedule your annual maintenance check before winter arrives. 


Why Should I Schedule My Maintenance Appointment Before The Bulk Of The Winter Hits?

You should schedule your furnace and pipe maintenance appointment before winter to give yourself more time to prepare for freezing cold temperatures. Many people will be booking appointments around the fall to avoid being left on a waiting list. Moreover, furnaces will be used more frequently and it can become a big problem if it breaks down because of improper maintenance. You can save yourself a lot of headaches and time by scheduling a maintenance appointment in advance of the winter and getting it done before the snow and icefall. That way you can enjoy the warm comfort of heat in your home and prevent your pipes from bursting. Schedule your next HVAC system maintenance appointment with us today by calling us at (226)-240-3219 or contacting us HERE for more information.