Having a functional furnace is essential for having the best comfort and warmth during a cold winter weather. However, like any other home device, a furnace can go through its ups-and-downs and may need some maintenance from time to time. A professional furnace installer can help tune-up your home’s HVAC system and provide furnace repair to keep it running strongly and efficiently throughout the year. 

At Constant Home Comfort London, we’re a reputable furnace dealer and installer that provides homeowners with beneficial rebates for their appliances and outstanding customer service. Our team will give you a great quote for installing or replacing a new furnace for your home. 

Even with the proper maintenance, furnaces can break down and develop strange issues. To ensure this doesn’t happen too often, it’s important to identify some of these problems before calling our professionals so we know what to assist with. We will go over some of the issues you may face and how you can potentially troubleshoot them yourself.  

What Are Common Problems With Furnaces?

There are many problems your home’s furnace system can run into over the course of its lifespan. A general lack of maintenance and inspections can lead to more unexpected breakdowns to occur. It’s important to schedule your routine inspections with us to make sure your furnace is running efficiently and reliably. 

Normal wear and tear in your furnace’s parts is another issue that can cause significant airflow reduction within your home. Without good airflow in your furnace, it can cause heat-control related problems that will overheat your entire HVAC system. Dirty or clogged air filters can also be caused by wear and tear, as they make the furnace work harder to circulate air. In the most dire cases, a clogged filter may damage the furnace’s limit switch, which controls the fan.

Furnaces can also have faulty, malfunctioning thermostats that not only display inaccurate temperatures, but also leads to issues with the fan and comfort levels of your home. Broken electronic ignitions and pilot control systems can also occur, resulting in difficulty heating areas of your home. 

Sometimes, your furnace may not heat your home at all. This may have something to do with your thermostat settings, power source, or gas link. Moreover, if your installed furnace is the wrong size for a space, it may not produce enough heat to circulate around your rooms, especially if its filter is clogged up. 

Furnaces also shouldn’t make too much noise like rumbling, squawking, and rattling. This can indicate a serious mechanical problem and is a sign of airflow reduction or a clogged burner. 

Some of these furnace problems can easily be discovered and fixed on your end, but you’ll need a professional technician to ensure your furnace stays working as it should. 

How Can These Problems For My Furnace Be Fixed?

Consistent maintenance on your furnace can prevent any breakdowns or random issues from affecting your appliance. You should schedule an appointment at the end of summer or beginning of fall to ensure it’s in working order. The professional will get the unit ready for your home in anticipation for the busy winter months. 

Another method to fix your furnace’s breakdown is to check the circuit breaker and power supply. This happens when your furnace stops working or the thermostat’s screen is blank. A circuit breaker may have been tripped or blew a fuse. If these things are in place, make sure to also check if the power cord is plugged into an outlet.

Furnace issues can also be resolved by reducing drafts in your home by closing the windows or doors in different rooms or sealing open cracks. You can also change out and/or replace dirty air filters once a month to keep the airflow clean and running effectively. Lastly, check your thermostat to make sure the battery levels are fully charged and working properly. 

Why Should I Trust Constant Home Comfort London To Repair My Furnace? 

At Constant Home Comfort London, you can be assured that we’ll find the specific issues affecting your furnace and resolve them accordingly. It’s crucial to recognize that our team of professional contractors can do the jobs you may not be qualified for or is unsafe for you to handle. This includes installing a new furnace, fixing your ignition control or pilot light problem, resolving any natural gas or propane issues, and fixing your furnace’s mechanical issues.  

Our team will not only ensure your home is comfortable and safe to live in, but we’ll help keep your furnace running at its peak performance. We offer repairs on all new furnaces and deal in only the best quality appliances and systems for your home. 

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