As winter slowly passes and the weather gradually warms up, it’s the perfect time to fix and update the attic insulation in your home. You can do this in the upcoming spring and summer season to keep your homes cool during those warm months. A lot of warm air has accumulated during the winter in your attic and upgrading your current insulation will help clear it away and reset things. Additionally, you’ll get a special incentive to do so in the form of significant monthly energy savings during the summer. 

Constant Home Comfort London is an attic insulation contractor that provides homeowners with reliable energy rebates for attic insulation. There’s no better time to retrofit your attic with new, exceptional insulation material that is energy efficient and great for the environment. Additionally, we can help you qualify for special energy rebates and grants to encourage homeowners to upgrade their outdated insulation. 

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How Does Attic Insulation Keep My Home Cool In the Summer?

It may seem counterintuitive to work on your attic insulation during the spring or summer, but doing this can actually keep your home at a comfortable and consistent temperature. Although the air conditioning system in your home generates cool air in the surrounding areas, it’s the attic insulation that helps keep it locked in your home and circulating at a nice flow.  

If you installed efficient attic insulation for your home or upgraded one with older material, it can help keep the cold air around much longer in adjacent spaces. This can lead to less frequent use of your AC system, which translates to lower monthly energy bills for your home. The summer months are usually when ACs are used the most, but if your attic insulation is able to keep your home cool without it, that would be an added benefit. 

Efficient attic insulation also helps improve airtightness in your home, helping you maximize the cool air to its highest level. It does this by managing three different ways that energy and heat are transferred: conduction, convection, and radiation. This will help your home retain more energy and prevent costly losses. As such, a well-insulated home can retain more cool air from your AC during the summer, making your new renovations more noticeable in your comfortable home. 

The process of adding new attic insulation for your home should also be applied when the months are warmer. Here’s what you should consider regarding that. 

Why Do I Still Need Good Attic Insulation In Warmer Weather?

Good attic insulation during the summer stems from effective temperature control in that area. If your attic is extremely hot from external summer weather, everything else such as your home’s AC and ductwork system can get damaged by high heat and lack of airflow. Newly installed attic insulation can serve as a protective cover for your home, limiting exposure to the sun with a radiant barrier. 

Once the attic insulation controls the attic temperature, your home will be able to maintain an overall consistent temperature. It helps keep the cooler air in the areas you need during those warm summer months. Our contractors will ensure your attic space has the appropriate levels of insulation in your home and will only install as much as it needs. 

Warm weather also produces a more stack effect in your attic, which is when the cooled air from your air conditioner is replaced with undesirable hot air from outside. Attic insulation will tighten things up and manage the stack effect when you need it during those hot summer days. 

If you’re still unconvinced about the benefits of our attic insulation services, then we’ll detail how the government is incentivizing homeowners to make their homes more efficient through rebates. 

What Are Some Available Energy Rebates I Can Take Advantage Of When Installing My Attic Insulation?

At Constant Home Comfort London, we want to help you get as many savings for your home as possible. We’ll help you qualify for one of 700,000 rebates and grants worth up to $5000 in upgrading your attic insulation. We also offer EnerGuide evaluations worth up to $600 and helpful advice for homeowners to consider when renovating other areas in their homes. 

The goal of these rebates is to encourage homeowners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced from their property annually. We’ll guide you through the rebate process and handle all the necessary paperwork involved. 

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