Enbridge Gas, in collaboration with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant, has made a massive effort to promote environmentally friendly homes. This collaboration offers substantial rebates to those who make green retrofits. These retrofits cover a wide variety of home improvement projects, including state-of the-art insulation systems, efficient windows and doors as well as cutting-edge heat pumps and innovative renewable energy setups. What are the benefits of this initiative for an average Ontario resident? Firstly, through the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program, more residents will be able to enjoy the many benefits of conserving energy. Enbridge Gas current customers will be able to enjoy a rebate of up to $10,000. EnerGuide is an initial home assessment that costs up to $6,000. The program will cover this cost. The Canada Greener Homes Grant’s beauty lies in its availability across the country. However, the partnership between the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus and the Canada Greener Homes Grant in Ontario provides a seamless conduit that allows homeowners in Ontario to easily access both programs regardless of the home heating methods they use.

Canada Greener Homes Grant now extends funding across Canada, welcoming qualified Canadians. The HER+ Program and the Canada Greener Homes Grant have a unique partnership in Ontario that streamlines application processes. Homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of these two programs. The grant is available to homeowners regardless of their fuel type for heating. Residents of Ontario who have a gas-fired furnace may qualify for Greener Home Grants to upgrade their furnace home comfort. Your furnace will be upgraded with the Greener Homes Grants to make it more energy-efficient while maintaining your home’s comfort.

The number of eligible homes is huge:

There are some homes and situations that are not eligible for this program.