The hotter the summer, the more an air conditioning system becomes a necessity. Ductless air conditioners are the perfect choice in London, where homes are often characterized by architectural restrictions or where a traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system could be cost-prohibitive. We offer ductless air conditioners in London, ON, that are perfectly and optimally well-suited for the task of heating or cooling without the need for huge ductwork. Our line of products features the latest in-the-market models by top brands such as Lennox and Goodman, just to ensure that you get quality and performance.

Ductless air conditioners are known as mini-split systems, offering a perfect solution to homes in need of flexible temperature control. Be it one room that you just can’t get comfortable in or a hundred rooms, these systems are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. Such systems are especially beneficial to older homes without ductwork and for extensions or conversions where installing traditional systems is either impractical or too disruptive.

Among the most amazing features of ductless systems is that they are easy to install. Traditional systems may require a number of days to have the installation process carried out and, at the same time, cause a mess in your house; ductless ones will only take as little as a day. They require the tiniest drill hole, which reduces air loss to almost nil and security issues associated with a window unit. The ductless air conditioner is quiet in its application, in terms of installation, and visually very unobtrusive, if at all.

At Constant Home Comfort London, we offer certain ductless air conditioners, among them the Comfortaire CMA14 Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner. Though small in stature, it’s designed to operate very quietly, making it a great model for the urban environment or for tight spaces. It’s designed to fit in without taking the attention away from landscaping or other outdoor living spaces, which makes it a good fit for apartment complexes and condominiums.

Not only is our line of ductless systems easy to install, but they are also incredibly energy-efficient. Many of our models, such as the Samsung Smart Whisper and Quantum 17 SEER mini-split systems, also utilize Digital Inverter Technology, making it so that your compressor only runs at the exact speed needed to keep your setting without the constant on/off of conventional systems, resulting in remarkable energy savings.

With a built-in Wi-Fi feature, the Smart Whisper and similar models put you in control of your indoor climate from just about anywhere. You can make adjustments from home or away with a smartphone app to ensure that, when you do come home, it’s to the comfort level you desire.

Constant Home Comfort London is committed to making your experience as seamless as possible. We advise on what the best system is for your needs, install it, and even remove the old unit for you. We offer a selection of premium, high-performance models at really great prices. At Constant Home Comfort London, we deliver nothing but the best in ductless air conditioning solutions. Call us at (226) 240-3219 to find out more about how you can have a comfortable environment in your home or office.

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