1. Accumulation of water around the furnace. Some furnaces have condensation pipes. If the drain is clogged, the condensate water will leak and cause water accumulation at the bottom of the furnace.
  1. Frequent automatic start-stop of the furnace. This may be due to insufficient airflow in the furnace, causing the temperature to become too high and the system to shut down automatically.
  1. Furnace not heating Check the furnace filter and inspect the heating pipes for any blockages.
  1. Loud noises coming from the furnace. If the furnace is making knocking or echoing noises, it may indicate that some parts are loose and need to be identified and tightened.
  1. Automatic shutdown of the furnace. If natural gas is impure, impurities produced after combustion can clog the burner, causing it to stop working and the furnace to shut down automatically.

Some problems can be prevented through regular maintenance, while more serious issues such as leaks and cracks require prompt attention from a professional to diagnose and repair the problem.

Furnace Repair Services

Call our furnace repairs support at (226) 240-3219 and we will send a technician to quickly repair your furnace so you can get back to enjoying the time with your loved ones.

We pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction – our objective is to get your furnace to work again, not to push you to replace it if there is no need. We have access to furnace repair parts, and when you mention the make and model of your furnace when you call us, our technicians will come equipped with the parts most likely needed for your specific furnace model. Our technicians provide upfront and simple to understand pricing based on work hours and parts to guarantee your satisfaction.

The Constant Home Comfort furnace repair service team is available across Hamilton and the surrounding area and can be at your home within the hour, day or night.

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