A two-stage furnace is a type of heating system that operates at two different levels of heat output: a lower “stage” for everyday heating needs, and a higher “stage” for more extreme weather conditions or when the home needs to be quickly heated up. These systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and comfort benefits.

One of the main advantages of a two-stage furnace is energy efficiency. The lower “stage” of a two-stage furnace uses less energy than a single-stage furnace, which can result in lower energy bills for homeowners. In addition, the two-stage furnace has the ability to modulate its heat output, meaning it can adjust the amount of heat it produces to match the needs of the home. This can further improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste. Another advantage of a two-stage furnace is improved comfort. Because a two-stage furnace operates at a lower heat output for most of the time, it can provide a more consistent and comfortable temperature in the home. Single-stage furnaces, on the other hand, often cycle on and off more frequently, which can result in temperature fluctuations and drafts.

In addition to energy efficiency and comfort, two-stage furnaces can also have longer lifespans compared to single-stage furnaces. Because they operate at a lower heat output for most of the time, they experience less wear and tear, which can extend their lifespan. Overall, two-stage furnaces offer a number of benefits for homeowners, including energy efficiency, improved comfort, and potentially longer lifespans. If you’re considering a new furnace for your home, a two-stage model is definitely worth considering.

Single-stage furnace 
A single-stage furnace has a simple design. The heating system comes on and runs at full capacity. You can either keep the system off or set it to run at a certain temperature.

Two-stage furnace
A furnace with a two-stage gas valve and variable-speed blower motor automatically changes the flow of heated air from the furnace based on room temperature. This feature allows your furnace to operate at a lower setting in milder weather and a higher setting in very cold weather, saving you money.

Benefits of Two-Stage Furnace
A two-stage furnace is a gas furnace that has two heat settings, low and high.
When your furnace runs in low mode, it operates at a lower capacity and lowers energy costs, while providing more consistent temperatures.
Two-stage furnaces can also generate less noise and improve indoor air quality by reducing short cycling.
Additionally, they can improve the longevity of your furnace because you’re not pushing it to run at 100% capacity all the time—only when necessary to maintain the ideal temperature in your home.